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Commercial Grade "Nexus FEC Generations" Laser Tag Equipment

This is a FANTASTIC Opportunity to either enter the "laser tag" business or expand your existing entertainment business.
We are selling a 48 unit Nexus FEC Generations system complete with software, monitors, cables, and more.

This system was a working pull from one of our electrical contracting customers and although we do not have a working knowledge of the system, it was functional when pulled.

As far as we know there are approximately 40 vests completely functional and 8 or more which were being used for parts.  The system comes with charge racks to accommodate 48 vests, 2 37" flat screen monitors, 3 smaller monitors as well as a computer desktop with all necessary software.  This system appears to be ready to start making its new owner $$$$$$ right away!!!

For further information you can go directly to the Nexus Laser Tag site on the Nexus FEC system.  We are not in this business so they may be able to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us as well if there is something we may be able to address for you in order to make a qualified decision about your bid or purchase.
We are offering free freight shipping on this item in the continental U.S.  In addition, we will entertain all offers submitted to us for this item.  Please contact us by email for additional information or to submit an offer to us. 

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