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We are EXCITED to announce the launch of a program near and dear to us at CSExpress which involves giving College Students in need of assistance a direct opportunity to receive a refurbished computer system from us to assist them in their pursuit of a higher education.

This program is designed in large part for Adult Learners who are trying to support a household as well as attend school.  Some rules apply but they are very general and most anyone attending school in the United States is eligible.  Please note the following before submitting your application to us;

  1. Must be in school at a University, College or Tech School within the Continental U.S.
  2. Must be enrolled and pursuing at least 6 semester hours for current semester.
  3. Must submit the following form on this page with all info and in the message section, tell us what a new (refurbished) computer system would mean to you in no more than 255 characters.
  4. Must allow us to contact you in regard to your application for this giveaway to be interviewed.

While these systems are not the latest and greatest we will ensure that they meet or exceed the requirements of todays learning environment and provide you a resource to be competitive in todays education environment.  No strings attached just an honest effort by us at CSExpress to give back to our community and pay it forward!  We look forward to working with you.

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Student Resources:

Following are some of the resources we recommend.  Some are obvious and some are not easily found unless you search thoroughly.  We are associated with these companies as an affiliate and may or may not receive compensation from them.

These companies have either been used by us personally, such as CHEGG and Course Hero, or have come highly recommended by others including teaching staff and personal college enrolled friends.  Be sure and check this page often as we will update it each time we come across a valuable resource or reference we feel our subscribers might want or need.



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Course Hero
"This was my personal go to resource while in college.  The collaborative efforts by students and tutors across the country was the best learning opportunity I ever have experienced" Carl, Managing Partner CSExpress .

Access to your homework solutions and exams are just one click away


Book Lender

For your pleasure/leisure or because the Professor came at you with an assignment based on some obscure title, this is a resource we have used in the past to locate the title.  You can rent the book or audio of the book here to utilize for your assignment.


Rent Books


Red Shelf

One of our favorite companies for books is "Red Shelf".  They offer a GREAT selection of eBooks for you.  If you like learning on electronic any electronic device rather than print and are tired of toting print books around, check this company out!!!

Shop and get Instant Access to eTextbooks both online and offline!

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