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Additional Services

At CSExpress we strive to add new services that will make your life easier and more productive. The following are the additional services we provide in-store as well as the onsite services provided through our partner company Walsh Service Group 

Whether it's spyware and virus removal from your system or the design and installation of an entire network, audio/visual distribution system, or uninterruptable power supply system we have you covered!

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CSExpress In-Store/Remote Services:

CSExpress Instore Services, Virus Removal, Software install, hardware install

Spyware and Virus Removal: Over time all computer systems can become slow and sluggish regardless of the best anti-virus and anti-spyware being used.  We are here to help with that and our highly skilled technicians can get your system performing like new again.  We are very data conscious and work hard to maintain the integrity of your data during all virus and spyware removal.

Software & Hardware Installs:  If you are struggling to get new software or hardware installed on your system we can assist you.

Did You Forget Your Password?  This is more common than you think.  We can help you recover lost passwords.  Did you buy a computer that is password protected?  We can help you with that as well.

Having Trouble Connecting to the Web?  This again is very commonplace and can be very annoying.  We can help you get things configured correctly to get you back online again.

Data Recovery, Transfer and Backup:  Again, your data is our primary concern with any operation you have us perform.  We have all been through computer failures before and lost data that was important to us.  Many times however, what seems lost is still residing on the system somewhere.  We may be able to assist with recovering valuable data.

How many times have you talked to a technician only to be told, "This will require a full reinstall and system wipe"?  We believe with a little more patience a lot of those system reinstalls could have resulted in data recovery.

We can also provide you with information on different backup options and how to setup a set of boot disks in the event of this happening to you again.

CD/DVD Duplication Service: Do you need to have a large number of CD's or DVD's duplicated for a project, band demo, or software design?  We can handle that for you.

At CSExpress we will NEVER tell you to just bring it in,  we will assist you with the most cost effective way of handling the situations you encounter.  Sometimes we will simply refer you to websites or pages we feel can help you resolve an issue.

If you are experiencing any of the above, fill out the contact form below,( which will also sign you up for our newsletter), and describe your problem.  We will be in touch with you to help you through it.


Onsite Commercial Installation

Through our partnership with Walsh Service Group, based in Arlington Texas, we are able to provide our commercial customers quality installation services using highly skilled technicians.  If you need any of the follow please fill out the contact form below with your needs and we will be glad to get a quote/bid prepared for you.

  • Network/Server Installation (cabling and connections only)
  • CCTV Monitoring Solutions
  • Digital Automation Control Systems
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply Systems
  • Ground and Surge Protection
  • Audio/Video Cabling & Connections



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